Press Release

June 23, 2015

Anyone For Tennis


Guaranteed to outperform any other sweatband on the market. Featuring patented Sweat Block Technology, Halo’s unique ‘Yellow Seal’ redirects sweat to the sides of the head away from eyes. The result is a dry face and sting-free eyes, so you can concentrate on perfecting your forehand.

Halo’s best selling product, Halo II Headband (RRP £14.95), with patented Sweat Block Technology is available in 18 colours including white, black, red, navy, purple, green and orange. Also ideal for the tennis court is the Halo Sport Visor (RRP £22.99) which features a black underside to reduce glare and the Halo I Tie Sweatband (RRP £14.95).

About Halo Headband
Nick Holslag and his partner established Halo Headband in the USA in 2001. Both are competitive athletes and participated in numerous spots including cross country mountain bike racing, tennis and racquetball. All products are made in the USA.

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