Press Release

June 23, 2015

FirstBIKE Scoops Up Awards

FirstBIKE-Awards-newsWe are delighted that our fantastic client FirstBIKE is scooping up award nominations thick and fast!

FirstBIKE® is a new balance bike designed specifically for children between two and five years. Balance bikes are the best way to introduce children to cycling whilst fostering a love of riding at the same time. Children develop balance naturally themselves increasing their confidence and ability to ride further. Having learnt on a balance bike children transition smoothly to a pedal cycle.

FirstBIKE was designed by Ralf Coerschulte, an avid German cyclist, product designer, and father of three, with one goal: to build the safest and best balance bike for young children, allowing them to learn to ride a bike intuitively and without stress.

After years of fine-tuning and testing, Ralf succeeded in creating a unique product that is deemed to be the safest in its category. Thanks to its glass fibre injection-molded composite material which is strong and flexible you can also enjoy year round cycling with FirstBIKE with no risk of scratching, splintering, swelling or rust!

To find out more about FirstBIKE visit the website here.


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