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October 19, 2015

FirstBIKE Supports CleanSpace


A leading international balance bike company, FirstBIKE®, today announced that it has partnered with the CleanSpace™ movement to help clean up UK air.

CleanSpace is a movement to improve the air we breathe, designed and built by Drayson Technologies and launched to the public in September 2015. CleanSpace™ aims to inform, connect and motivate people to work together to reduce air pollution.

People can join the movement in seconds – via a new smartphone app, available in both Apple iOS and Google Android versions. The app delivers two key functions: Firstly, it shows members the true extent of air pollution around them. Secondly, it recognises automatically when a CleanSpace member is making a journey without causing any pollution – either by cycling, running or walking – the app will record these journeys as CleanMiles. The more CleanMiles you earn, the more rewards you unlock.

When downloading the CleanSpace app, you are immediately able to unlock an exclusive 20% discount off all FirstBIKE balance bikes. Moreover, FirstBIKE is promoting the CleanSpace initiative to its customers – parents of toddlers and preschoolers interested in an active lifestyle.

Martin Balhar, Managing Director of FirstBIKE said: “With a FirstBIKE balance bike, families can earn their CleanMiles easily as children as young as 2 years old can ride for several miles at a time and run up hills, all whilst having fun and boosting their confidence. At FirstBIKE, we are huge supporters of a healthy lifestyle and that is why we are extremely proud to be supporting the CleanSpace movement.” 

Lord Drayson, Chairman and Chief Executive of Drayson Technologies said: “FirstBIKE epitomises the type of business the CleanSpace movement should be partnering with. As a parent I understand the importance of both finding clean air for my children to breathe and teaching them how the choices they make can affect the overall quality of the air around them.

“I am delighted that together we will be educating and motivating the next generation to make cleaner journeys – it is a crucial part of building this movement.”

For more information on CleanSpace please visit, for more information on FirstBIKE please visit


About FirstBIKE:

FirstBIKE is an international balance bike company producing bikes for children between 2 and 5 years. FirstBIKE’s mission is to distribute the safest, highest quality and most well designed balance bikes on the market. Additionally, FirstBIKE seeks to educate the general public about the many benefits of balance bikes and their significant advantages over traditional pedal bikes with training wheels.

FirstBIKE was developed by Ralf Coerschulte, an avid German cyclist, product designer, and father of three, with one goal: to build the best bike for younger children, allowing them to learn to ride a bike intuitively and without stress. After years of fine-tuning, he succeeded in creating a unique product that is deemed to be the safest in its category. FirstBIKE has also proven to be a great helper when it comes to the development of a child’s motor skills, self-confidence, and enjoyment of learning.

FirstBIKE has recently garnered an impressive array of UK industry prizes including a 2015 Practical Preschool Silver Award, FQ Best Value Award, Little London Magazine Best Toy or Accessory Runner Up Award, and a Junior Design Highly Commended Award.

All bikes meet or exceed EU safety standards. Every FirstBIKE proudly comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and fork and a 5-year warranty on all other parts. For more information please visit

About CleanSpace™:

CleanSpace™ is a technology-enabled social movement to improve the air we breathe, designed and built by Drayson Technologies and launched to the public in 2015.

CleanSpace™ aims to inform, connect and motivate people to work together to reduce air pollution. Through CleanSpace™, Drayson Technologies aims to prove that technology can connect and empower people to take individual actions that collectively change the world. For more information on CleanSpace™ please visit:

CleanSpace last week launched a personal air sensor – the CleanSpace Tag – a world-first personal air pollution sensor. Available through Crowdfunder:, the new CleanSpace Tag syncs with the CleanSpace app to show people exactly what they’re breathing, wherever they are – while commuting, exercising or taking the kids to school.

The air quality data from each device is then anonymised, aggregated and combined with data from all the other Tags across the UK. Once people begin using the CleanSpace Tag on a mass scale, it will build a more granular, crowd-sourced live map of air pollution, firstly across the UK and then around the world.

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