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November 12, 2016

Snugs Totally Wireless – The Coolest Earphones in the World?


At Noisy we are totally obsessed with our Snugs Original headphones. They are in our ears constantly, so much so that our ears now feel bare without them. So, you can imagine our excitement when we were told about new Totally Wireless Snugs. All the comfort and supreme sound quality of Snugs but without any wires! They went straight to the top of our Christmas list.

Snugs Wireless earphones are created by taking a 3D scan of your ear canal. Snugs then uses 3D modelling and printing technology to create a pair of earphones based on your exact ear shape. Unique to you, every time.

Snugs Wireless earphones are available in ‘Snugs Totally Wireless’ for £399, or ‘Snugs Wireless’ for £199. Price includes a 15 min fitting appointment. Available from retailers including Selfridges, Richer Sounds and direct from

Why Choose Snugs?

  • Never fall out. The bespoke custom-fit means Snugs Wireless never fall out, no matter how active you are.
  • Supremely comfortable. The perfect profile means even after long periods of wear Snugs are still supremely comfortable.
  • No wires, no fuss. The ultimate custom-fit earphones for anyone looking for a high end, wire-free solution.
  • Unrivalled sound quality. The bespoke fit blocks out external noise, dramatically improving audio quality. Enjoy powerful bass, crystal clear vocals and sparkling trebles. This is music as it was intended to be heard.

About Snugs
Snugs are proud to be based in the UK. Snugs make earphones for a worldwide market. Our mission is to introduce the world to custom earphones, so that everyone can feel the benefit of supreme comfort and the best possible sound. Snugs Earphones is a registered trademark. For more information visit

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